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WISE COUNCIL: Some local authorities are pledging to cut the use of bailiffs and collect debts more ethically. So how will it work?


BRISTOL City Council announced in July that it would be trialling ethical debt collection for unpaid council bailiffs.

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Have you been chased by debt collectors? How did you cope?


BBC Radio 4: The weekly Call You & Yours phone-in: have you been chased by debt collectors, and how you coped?

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£19 billion owed in everyday bills, as Citizens Advice reveals it helps 1 person every 3 minutes with bailiff issues


Citizens Advice is calling for better regulation of unaccountable bailiff firms as it reveals households have fallen behind on their essential bills

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Tougher regulation of bailiffs urged as debt levels rise


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Bristol City Council to drop 'hired muscle' bailiffs


The council is planning to phase out "hired muscle" bailiffs under a pilot scheme.

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Hard-pressed households need Government action to deal with debts


The Treasury Committee has today published a unanimously-agreed report on household finances

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