what we do

Don’t make debt problems worse for your residents

h&f ethical collections fundamentally changes the way councils engage with their residents by ensuring the most appropriate outcome based on individual circumstances.

Engaging early
We proactively contact residents who are late with their payment as early as possible. By understanding their circumstances and agreeing on affordable payment plans, we improve the resident’s experience and prevent escalation to enforcement action.

Assessing residents’ ability to pay
Every resident is taken through a robust income and expenditure assessment by our specially trained staff. Using advanced data matching techniques, we create a single view of each resident’s financial position.

Ensuring affordable repayments
Staff establish affordable repayment plans tailored to each individual’s circumstances, ensuring the most appropriate outcome is achieved. We regularly stay in touch to ensure that their payments remain sustainable.

Sign-post help
Residents requiring additional support in managing their finances are referred to specialist free debt advice for help. We have established partnerships with a number of organisations including the CAB and the Money Advice Trust.

Protecting those most vulnerable
Staff are specially trained to identify potentially vulnerable residents and refer them to the specialist vulnerability team for additional support. We use voice analytics software to identify trigger words and tone of voice to ensure no-one is missed.

Using proportional enforcement
Where residents are financially able but unwilling to pay, we use proportionate enforcement tools as an alternative to bailiffs. This can include attachment of benefits or earnings, or placing charges on property to recover funds.